BOINC on Raspberry Pi

This page is going to be dedicated to cataloguing my efforts on using BOINC on a Raspberry pi, and also used to compile information on getting it to work on certain projects. For those of you unfamiliar with the Raspberry pi it is a mini computer basically the size of a credit card, that's sold for around 35 dollars. That being said this is not something you simply pay 35 dollars for, and suddenly you have a computer, unless of course you happen to have some spare cables, a (somewhat unique) power supply, and a spare SD card laying around. All in all putting together my order, which also included a few things that were not absolutely essential, I spent about 90 dollars after you factor in shipping.

Oddly the issue from doing my reading does not seem to be getting the BOINC manager to install on the device, but rather finding projects that support the ARM architecture, and the other limitations on the board. So as I do not have the device in hand, the first part of this page is going to be dedicated to Projects I have found that should require far less fuss than most.

Supported projects 

Quake Catchers network - While I likely won't be testing this, as I do not live anywhere close to an area known for earthquakes, or at least any more than very very very minor ones, which can be confused for a pick-up truck in the street.  But the linked to sight is their own home page specifically advertising its ability to work with the Raspberry pi.

Radioactive @ Home - Has also announced it offers support for the Boinc Raspberry Pi.  Though sadly it is like Quake Catchers network as it also requires an additional piece of hardware for it to be able to grant credits.

Asteroids@ home   - recently announced support for raspberry pi.

I am giving up hope on this project

I am in a little bit of a predicament, if I am to crunch boinc projects on the raspberry pi, I need to purchase one of the new model B boards with the 512MB memory.  While I have made progress in getting several projects to recognize my raspberry pi, the one recurring issue is the amount of memory that my pi has.

As asteroids which is the latest promising one needs 244MB of memory, when running even just in terminal mode I can not free up more than 190MB of memory, without worrying about really cutting essential tasks.   So I need to reconsider my project.  Not to mention it appears those late to the party actually benefited.

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