World Community Grid

A phenomenal umbrella project, which most of the projects they support have strong ties to humanitarian projects. Even better is while most people might not understand the science that goes in behind each of the projects, the names give clearly defined goals for the projects. There really is a project for everyone, whether you are getting increasingly concerned about the water supply, or want to try and help eliminate diseases, and ease suffering of those who are ill.
I crunch world Community Grid, because its a great way to help the world through science. In my profile settings, I am signed up for every single project available, though I have a feeling due to the greater system requirements for the Clean Energy Project, there are fewer people crunching that project, which leads to those that do getting a larger number of Clean Energy Project tasks.

  • Gold - Clean Energy Project Phase 2.
  • Gold - Human Proteome Folding Phase 2.
  • Bronze - Fight Aids @ Home
  • Silver - Help Conquer Cancer
  • Bronze - Drug Search for Leishmaniasis 
  • Bronze - Help Fight Childhood Cancer
  • Bronze - Say No to Schistosoma
  • Bronze - GO Fight Against Malaria
  • Bronze - Computing for Clean Water

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