GPU Grid

The project website is and does a good job spelling out the emphasis of their research. Everything they study is in the medical field, working on tackling the terrible diseases of Cancer, HIV/AIDS, and Neural Disorders. The downside to this project is it has the highest technology restrictions to compute any task of any project supported by BOINC of which I know. That being it requires a graphics card otherwise known as a GPU to crunch tasks for this project. Not only does it need a graphics card, it often requires substantial graphics cards ( those priced at about 100 dollars or above. I had read about GPU grid long before I had the techology to be able to contribute to this project. Maybe it has to do with the academic in me, but I love the fact that they do not just have badges acknowledging some level of crunching, if you have been crunching for them for long enough, they will let you know what academic papers came from your results, and the level at which you contributed to the results in those papers.

The GPU I am currently using to crunch these projects is: GeForce GT 440 (Fermi) with 1.5 Gigabytes worth of Memory. This is an OEM version of the 440, which has more CUDA cores unlocked vs the standard GT 440 GPUs.


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