A wrapper/ umbrella project that is much much more right up my ally, academically. All the projects currently supported are related to either physics or mathematics. While three of the projects I could care less about, most of their projects, as some of them like Optimal Golumb Ruler, while fun and interesting, strikes me mostly as sort of like having a computer solve sudoku puzzles.

 The project I am attempting to crunch almost exclusively is Harmonious trees, which as a Doctoral Student in Graph theory is right in my field. In fact, a related problem ( viewed as a possible stepping stone to solving the Graceful Tree Conjecture) the Modular Edge Graceful Tree Conjecture was proven by two graduate students I know, along with my advisor, and one of her previous students. So needless to say, I am somewhat partial to wanting to crunch this project.

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Bronze - 10k Credits.

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