Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I Created a Monster

The very first project given to my GPU was a GPU grid long run project, which it says top notch cards could crunch in 8-12 hours. Well I knew for certain my card is not "top notch" especially with the price I paid. But after a little more than 39 hours of crunching it completed a project whose BOINC credits amounted to about 5 months of credits with the typical running of m other two machines. The photo above shows the day that project was completed, with basically every day before that dwarfed almost to almost nonexistence on that chart.

Another fun chart is shown below, it is my world position on Boinc based on Total credit, while I was slowly making progress, the day that project validated and posted, BAM! my world position jumped off a cliff! While I want to see if I can find a Linux tool which will let me benchmark my GPU, it seems the 144 CUDA cores and 1.5GB of RAM are kicking @$$ and taking names, even if it does not have the quickest clock speed of GPU's out there in a similar price range.

World Community Grid Signature