Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy 8 years to World Community Grid!

I have almost exclusively been dedicating my CPU's to World Community Grid for the past month now.  Why?  It offers a large variety of projects run by very impressive teams, with potentially profound implications to the sustainability, and over all living conditions of our planet. 

While this post is a little early, their official birthday is November 16th, I would just like to encourage anyone that is not already on their bandwagon so to speak to consider it.  I have also found the World Community grid has possibly the best/ most outstanding group of people both crunching, and supporting the projects.  I visit a few projects forums, but I have no where near as much fun, nor spend anywhere near as much time on any other forum as I do with World Community Grid.

While I am a little sad that their only GPU enabled project supports Windows only, I am glad to say that they are really going in the right direction as several months ago, they had 0 supported GPU projects.

I hope everyone finds some time to crunch a few World Community Grid projects this Month, if not for their birthday, then consider it as a way to give thanks!  ( My American Readers may understand that comment a bit more).

World Community Grid Signature