Friday, December 21, 2012

Graphics Cards (if I could dream)

PNY Technologies VCQ4000-PB Quadro 4000 PCIE X16 (Google Affiliate Ad)

I have been reading a lot about graphics cards lately, and comparing oh so many of them.  I have been fighting really hard to resist the urge  to not buy all the parts for a new computer. Of course what graphics card you use really depends on what you will be using the computer for when you are not crunching away.  Maybe because I am a big fan of GPUgrid, when I think graphics cards I think nvidia, and their cuda techonology.  But to make sure it can run other programs too check to make sure it works with OpenGL, ( the more recent the version it supports the better).

Things like the Quadro 4000 are a very nice choice.  Though with a bit more power and a similar outlay of money, a Geforce 690 may be the way to go, double the GPU chips double the fun right?  For a more affordable price you can find PNY Technologies VCQ600-PB Quadro 600 1GB DDR3 PCIe (Google Affiliate Ad)
 which is also on GPU grids recommended list.  Another reason why I mention these are the facts that they have at least 1GB of memory reserved for the card alone.

Of course if I really could dream I would set up a system with 2 if not 3 GPU's which I imagine could replace my furnace, though be just as costly a way to heat my home. 

Again these are just dreams.  But I feel us crunchers always wonder how we can get better and better systems just to help these scientists with their work.

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