Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Good and the Bad for August

I will admit, I have stopped following my stats on boinc very closely, and I am incredibly sure I have fallen a great deal recently.  Especially as I am not sure how many/ if any days in August my main machine has run.  Honestly 2 of my machines were taken off line from crunching, to be replaced by an android tablet when ever it happens to be plugged in ( which is less than I would like).  The tablet of course pales in crunching ability compared to even my oldest computer that I have since taken off line.

So the bad for August will be dismal numbers, and dismal contribution to science through the abilities of my computers.  The good?  Well if you can consider this good, I managed to save over $30 dollars  this past month due not crunching, and other efforts I have undertaken to conserve energy in my household.  While I know that is not all my computer, as August was quite a cool month, and for quite a few weeks my AC barely ever ran.

When things cool off for the winter I will feel far better about having my machine run 24/7 again.  So to my team members, I apologize and it will hopefully only be a bit longer till the credits start raining again.

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