Sunday, February 24, 2013

Farms are Expensive!

Today I received my monthly email from my Electric and Gas company letting me know what my bill was for the past month.  Well I didn't completely do the math when the January notice came, ( as I am on a 21st to 21st schedule), but because I was home for the holiday break, my one machine was offline until the 6th of January, missing about 2 weeks of the billing cycle, and I didn't assemble my additional system until a few weeks later.

Well February even though I knew I was using quite a bit of power and shutting down the noisy systems at night most nights, combined with the fact that its been the coldest month I have had since I have started crunching ( so the gas bill was extra high as well). While my winter bills are often higher than the rest of the year, I will say that despite being concerned about electricity consumption ( apart from my crunching machines), but 110 for my small little place is quite shocking, as such, I have first lowered my thermostat, but I am hoping it warms up enough soon that that becomes mostly a moot point.

Yet oddly I am contemplating getting a new GPU for my main crunching machine trying to figure out if it is feasible to crunch two GPUs at a time in one machine.  Though should I do that I will likely turn my least powerful machine into a Media tower, and rarely crunch BOINC projects on it to save energy.

Its a little bit of a lesson in humility to realize how much even 2 towers and one laptop can really cost just to upkeep.

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