Friday, March 1, 2013

Computer at Play, While you are Away?

I have my newest computer crunching 24/7 lately, only rarely being restarted for updates, or shut down occasionally for a few hours.  That means it runs when I am at work, sleeping or doing most anything else.  I was more concerned about doing this right after it was assembled feeling it wasn't quite battle tested yet.

Now that its run for many many hours staying incredibly cool, and running with no real issues. So I have no real problem leaving it running while I am away for less than a day.  Now I am away from my place for a few days, and I decided not to shut off the computer while away.  It is leaving me oddly conflicted, but I can not quite explain why.

In all my logic I see no real reason why something should go wrong while away for four days that could not go wrong in a few hours.  In fact I have been so busy lately, I have easily gone more than four days without checking how that computer was doing on multiple occasions lately.  So currently my little bit of solace is to look for new results being returned by the computer letting me know that everything is still running peachy-keen.

So for other crunchers, do you leave your machines running all the time, even while you are away for a few days?

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