Saturday, March 9, 2013

Testing Loyalty

I dedicate all of my GPU crunching time to the project GPU Grid, because I honestly believe in the work that they are doing.  But I hate to say this my loyalty was really tested this past week, possibly made even worse because I was stressed out for another reason and the last thing I needed was to be worrying about how my machine is working on things.

Lets just say a large amount of GPU Grid tasks were released with a major error in their code. I spent over 170,000 seconds crunching these tasks, which as I was distracted I did not notice any problems until they were reported as aborted by my machine some time later.  ( My GPU is on a computer that is dedicated to crunching and not regularly used).  But I was disappointed to see that between that and the one time it froze my computer ( which I did check and manage to fix), that I lost several days of crunching time from this error.

Thankfully I gave it just long enough for the problem to apparently be fixed, but I was really starting to question whether or not GPU grid should continue to receive my support.  But I think I have the biggest soft spot for GPU grid of any project I have yet dealt with as they are people pursuing their doctorates carrying out their research, in a rather similar place in their lives as myself and my brother.  So I can sympathize with them, and want to help them in any way possible.

So to my readers, have any of you ever encountered an error with a project that really had you questioning whether or not it should receive your continued support?  ( I do feel odd posting this so close to a post on Battered Volunteer Syndrome, but I think this is a qualified complaint, and not just a rant.)

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