Sunday, May 26, 2013

I am still alive and Crunching!

It has been over a month since I last posted, and let me just say life has happened.  While crunching has more or less continued besides for a week of down time last week.   My graduate studies in mathematics have come to a halt, and I am now gainfully employed working as a developer on the database side of things.   What does this mean in the long run?  I really do not know, maybe once I get my finances back on track from all the cash I have haemorrhaged in the past month related to the move, I may be able to start saving for a really nice top notch crunching system.

Moving the systems seemed almost painless, though AdamBuild001 my very first self built computer is in quite a massive case and as such on one of the trips up to my new place, got to ride shot gun, with me holding onto it around corners.   I am thinking of ways I can try and give it a bit more oomph, maybe a really nice GPU?  If I do that I will need to get a mess of fans to fill out its sides and likely cause a relatively silent machine to suddenly sound like a jet.

I hope to have more things to report about crunching activities soon, but for now, this is just a post letting you know that I am still around.

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