Sunday, June 2, 2013

May Update

I am thinking of implementing a somewhat regular set of updates just to make sure I have some regular posts to make on this blog.  I am trying to echo the Atlantic Team blogs lead on this by hopefully making them short and sweet but sharing interesting tid bits about what has happened with my mini farm in the past month.

I am not sure if this happened in May, but I think it happened in May.  In the hustle of the move and new job I did not get a chance to check stats regularly, but I now have a plethora of Silver badges in the World Community grid ( I know I need to update the ones shown on this blog).  But even more amazing in a little over a year of crunching for the World Community grid I have surpassed the 2 years of computing time dedicated to World Community grid.   I heard they are retiring some projects, and hopefully starting some new ones, which is good as I feel I got on several of them in their last days and even though I am set to crunch everything almost equally a few of them I rarely ever see a task from them.

The only other project I am really crunching at this time is GPU Grid, which hopefully has settled things down, as they had a few bugs in the early months of the year trying to upgrade some new software and coding techniques into their tasks.  I do not crunch GPU grid for the nice bonuses they give for quick turn around times, but for the size of some of these tasks, and knowing I am not getting the biggest bonus, I am still amazed at these massive tasks. I mean over 100k credits in a single task.  (Granted it takes my nVidia GTX 640 about 30-36 hours for each one, but still!)

World Community Grid Signature