Friday, August 10, 2012

Hard Drives

Hard drives are the part of a computer that really drives me nuts.  While their are far more important parts of a computer, the hard drive seems to be the essential component of a computer that just calls it quits like a prima donna drama queen of computer components.  While I as a rule try to avoid dragging my computer from place to place unless absolutely necessary ( as a student when I spend time at a library it is almost always without my computer), just to help the life of the hard drive be extended that much longer.

Though still to this day on any of my computers so far the only components I have ever needed to replace are hard drives, batteries, or power bricks/ cords.  Which while batteries and power cords are a pain, they are an annoyance based on the frustration that involves needing to re-install everything that you use regularly on a brand new hard drive, most importantly of which is the operating system.

There has been an inkling feeling in the back of my head, sort of a persistent minor worry always in the back of my mind, though next to no real practical way for me myself to test the thought.  I have no question if the persistent use of my hard derive albeit somewhat minimal use by BOINC played a roll in the death of my drive.  But sadly hard drives just sometimes go bad, and when they go bad it can lead to major headaches.  I am writing this from a machine on its last legs with its current parts.  As such it is no longer crunching BOINC projects, and I am trying to decide to what role I will use boinc on this machine as long as it remains my primary machine.

Like I said sometimes drives just go bad, so I will hope to continue using boinc when I get my new hard drive, but if that one also fails in about 2 years, as long as this machine is my primary machine ( for day to day activities), I may have to suspend crunching on it just to avoid these headaches.

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