Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Current list of supported Projects

So having spent computing time on a large number of projects, I am now trying to cut back and focus my computing energies.  So my current list of supported projects is:

Project (resource share)
EDGeS@home (20)
Einstein@home (100)
eon2 (100)
GPU Grid (100)
Poem@home (40)
World Community Grid (100)
Yoyo@home (100)

Of course these are all projects I feel are quite interesting from a scientific point of view.  Though one thing I will say is not having much more knowledge of biology than what I learned Freshman year of high school, the science behind all the protein based projects ( SIMAP, Poem, and some subprojects of World Community Grid), is way behind my understanding, but I keep on being reassured that it's very important and fascinating research.

In trying to keep with Atlantic team tradition, I am attempting to more evenly distribute my credits/ crunching time between projects.   The problem though is, my GPU far out paces my three CPU's combined, in terms of performance.  So while the project I want to support the most with my GPU is GPU Grid in part because it can't be crunched by any of my CPUs, but when you look at the badge showing the credit earned, in basically 2 months of crunching my GPU by itself has generated over 75% of my credits.

So I am trying to rely more heavily on my project manage BAM, to see if through using it I could possibly more evenly balance out my credit distribution.

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