Monday, August 6, 2012

MSL Curiosity Rover

Breaking with the general theme of this blog, but still incredibly related to science an human understanding of our universe.  I would like to congratulate the MSL Curiosity rover team, on all their incredibly hard work and successful landing of the rover on mars.  I did not expect watching the feed would be as exiting as it was, nor prior to watching the feed did I realize exactly how involved and complicated getting this rover to land on  Mars really was/ is.

To try and connect this back to BOINC.  If Curiosity shows that mars was once able to support life, does this launch a push in the World to find adequate and successful terra forming techonolgy/ science?  If yes, I imagine there would be substantial amounts of number crunching needed, especially given the incredibly complex chemical and biological processes going on, I can not help but think they may need to employ the use of network computing grids such as BOINC.

If such a project were to emerge, I myself would not hesitate to add it to my list of supported projects.  While for the preservation of the Human race I can not wait for us to expand beyond just our system of planets.  But before we could imagine even accomplishing that, I imagine the first step would be getting a sustainable and viable human colony on Mars.

What are your thoughts?

Again Congratulations to the MSL Curiosity rover team!

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